Hey, thank you dear, I appreciated that you willing to participate in my interview. And this research is about ‘How brand utilize fashion bloggers on Instagram’. If you could answer my question in detail, that would be very helpful. In case you have any questions regarding the survey, email me pecheolala@gmail.com .Thank you very much for your time and replies.


1)     Which social media apps did you use most for following fashion icons recently?

2)     How many fashion icons have you followed now? Which characters they have that you care most?

3)     Do you have a favorite fashion blogger? How long have you been follow him/her? Why?

4)     Would you prefer to follow the brand that your favorite icons recommended? Why?

5)     Would you interest in a brand which the fashion blogger mention in the post on Instagram? Why?

6)     Would this post bring you purchase desire or change your purchase attitude? Why?

7)     What’s your attitude on fashion blogger promote a brand on Instagram? Do you think it’s a soft advertising? What do you think about it? Why?

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Thor 2 : The Dark World THOR and LOKI Featurette [x]


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TOP, plz (6/???)...

Ok, at least Taeyang enjoy your small performance

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Gwiyomi Player with GRi (o⌒.⌒o)

Gwiyomi Player was made to act cutely to someone’s lover (Gwiyomi means “cutie”). This got really big and was very popular in Korea last year, and it’s actually very cute.

Gwiyomi words: 1 plus 1 is cutie. 2 plus 2 is cutie. 3 plus 3 is cutie. 4 plus 4 is cutie. 5 plus 5 is cutie. 6 plus 6 is *kisses* cutie!

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Make way ChoomTOP coming through

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“@IBGDRGN: To the fans in every country, to us, and to our crew who worked hard all these months. Thank you! Let’s go final!”

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“None of them had ever made him feel like this. Though he doubted there were many people in the world who could hold a candle to Jiyong.” [x]

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